Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stupid Movie!!!!

So my wife and I watched Knowing the other night. I watched the trailer before hand and thought that it looked cool and good!!!! Nicolas Cage is pretty good, and its about numbers...and it looks kinda like a mystery...sounds good - lets rent it!

Dereks review - If I wanted to see aliens and spaceships I would have rented f'in Star Trek!!!!

It could have been a cool kinda mystery movie, but somehow they made it "supposed to be scary/sc-fi"??? What the he77 is that about!!!!

If you like sci-fi (which I DON'T) then sure, it is worth renting.....If you hate sci-fi movies (yip thats me) then dont waste your time with Knowing.....cause it BLOWS!!!!



Deanne said...

I didn't find it THAT bad, and I am not a Trekkie ;)

Derek K. said...
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Anonymous said...

Lynne said: Thanks to your movie review, you might save a lot of people spending money on a sci-fi movie which they're not expecting it to be. Good on you!