Thursday, September 6, 2012

1974 Oldsmobile Omega S Update

Well after discussion with Dad we have decided to keep the 1974 Oldsmobile Omega S just that. It is so close to a Nova being an xbody clone, but I really didn't realize how RARE an Omega S was.

Dad seems to really be liking the fact that it looks like the old Nova but it is an Omega which makes it something you just don't see. Let alone the fact that it is the 'S' (sport) version.

I would really like to know how many Omegas and Omega 'S' were made and sold in Canada and the USA in 1974 but it seems so rare that I can't even get the info when googleing for it. There is so little out there on Omegas that my junky little blog here is about the 6th hit on Google search results! I will have to look into that more. Just not sure where to get that info. Might be time to join some Oldsmobile forum's.

We have made a ton of progress this summer. Not too much is 'visible' progress per say, but it has been a ton of things we have addressed. Off the top of my head:

-Replaced Holley Carb 83310 gaskets
-Rewired essentially everything under the hood
-4 new ties
-Cleaned up the Crager rims
-Replaced front brake lines
-Replaced front disc brakes
-Replaced rear drum brakes
-Replaced fuel tank (gm2108) and fuel lines
-Drained antifreeze lines and replaced all cracked and older lines to new ones
-Replaced thermostat
-Replaced rad cap
-Krylon paint job to hide the rust and keep 'the fuzz' off me :-)
-Rubberized Asphalt under coating in rocker panels (see above point re the fuzz)
-Removed ugly shock absorbing front bumper
-Install of NON shock absorbing 1973 bumper
-Fixed tranny cable slipping issue due to incorrect installation by previous owner

Very excited to continue forward with the project. It has been great. Learning some new skills from Dad too which is great. We have been lucky that we have NOT ran into any big issues yet. Have had it out for quite a few rips and it is FAST. Will have to actually time the 0 to 60 on it, but I know it is quick. With near 400 hp and 400 ft lbs of torque I guess I should have known. Sure love that throaty rumble from the dual muffler setup. Just don't ask me about my gas mileage :-)