Thursday, August 13, 2009

Macaroni and Soy Sauce - mmmmm!!!!

My wife was giving me a hard time yesterday for eating macaroni and soy sauce. She tells me I am crazy and no one in the world does that. I found that very hard to believe cause it is so damn tasty.....So just to prove her wrong (cause that's the kinda guy I am....tending to always want to be right) I did a google search.

And I did find a recipe....I think she should have to eat it now...LOL

Its called "Fried Macaroni in a Wok" (fancy name, right?)

  • 2-3 servings Macaroni

  • 4 cloves garlic, minced

  • 3 Tb of Soy sauce

  • Egg

  • Wok

  • Salt and pepper to taste


Jen said...

That's disgusting!

Derek said...

Really? Why does everyone tell me that? It is a great Asian dish....actually I just made that up....But it is delicious!!!

Deanne said...


(I see your use of the link too)

Anonymous said...

Mom said; I'd have to say you're right on this one, Derek. Soya sauce on pasta and rice, go hand in hand, in my opinion. So much soya sauce is used in dishes served at Buffets. And it's such a popular ingredient in stir fry's. I don't understand why anyone would find that disgusting??????????

Anonymous said...

i always eat macaroni and soy sauce :D i do it with hotdog (or chicken) & vegetables mix em with the macaroni & loots of say sauce .... soy sauce with macaroni are really good :D