Monday, February 13, 2017

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie - upgrades, fixes, and mods

I wanted a place to store the upgrades, mods, and fixes I have done on my 2010 Dodge Ram Laramie 1500.  For interest sake I will also include the price of the mods (in Canadian Dollars) and where I got them from along with the claimed horsepower increase by the manufacturer.  The 2 pictures below are the Ram when I bought it.  All pictures are in chronological order by the date the mod was installed.

Stock 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie. (when I bought it it had window visors, Bak Flip hard tonneau cover, running boards)

Stock 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie. (when I bought it it had window visors, Bak Flip hard tonneau cover, running boards)

First mod was a set of 4 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac aggressive tires. 275/60/R20.  Stayed with the stock Ram tire size. $1100 CAD on sale installed at Canadian Tire.
Wrangler Duratrac

Second mod was a handy Truck Luggage holder.  This sits on the box rails and is great for groceries.  Found it in the Canadian Tire reduced zone for $79 CAD (used my Canadian Tire money from the tires and got it free).  Retails for $200 CAD.
Truck Luggage

Truck Luggage

Next mod was the Bully Dog Hemi Plus Tuner.  Claimed horsepower gain by manufacturer is 24  HP with regular 87 octane.  The manufacturer claim on premium fuel is +32 HP/28 lbs./ft. Torque. Paid $175 CAD used from a person who unmarried the tuner and sold his truck.  That includes the tuner and the pillar pod.  Retails for $575 CAD for the tuner plus another $90 CAD for the pillar pod.
Bully Dog Hemi Plus

Next item was more of a fix then a mod.  My battery seemed weak so I replaced it with a Motomaster Eliminator AGM battery when it was on sale at Canadian Tire for $199 CAD.  These are one of the top batteries in Canada and I can see why.  It seems like I don't even have to plug in when it is -40 degrees Celsius out and the Ram starts like it is a summer day.
Motomaster AGM Battery

Next mod was a K&N Cold Air Intake (K&N 63-1561).  Claimed horsepower gain by manufacturer is 15.66 HP @ 4688 RPM. Paid $175 CAD from someone who used it for a month and sold their truck (took it off before they sold it).  Retails for $375 CAD on K&N Website.
K&N 63-1561

Next mod again was a "fix".  Recovered the leather of my drivers seat for $150 CAD.  They did a great job and it looks like factory.

Next mod was personalizing my truck.  Under Armour Fishing decal, Chihuahua decal, and a Zombie Family.  Total Cost $10.

More decal work
Next mod up was the Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust.  After a lot of research I went with the Magnaflow 16869.  I am so happy I went with it.  Sounds great when you step on, but not too loud at all while cruising.  Absolutely no drone.  Very happy with the sound of it along with the sound of the K&N Cold Air Intake when stepping on the throttle.  Found this whole system brand new (except for the tips) for $400 CAD.  Retails for closer to $1500 CAD.  Estimated horsepower gain +12 HP
Magnaflow 16869

Close up of Magnaflow muffler

Next up was an Aries Bull Bar.  I had to find a bull bar that worked with my factory tow hooks and I decided on the Aries.  I really liked the looks of the stainless steel and figured it would fit in nicely with the chrome look front end of the Laramie.  Purchased from Rock Auto for $220.
Aries 35-5005

Next mod was some new rims.  It really bothered me that the Laramie comes with chrome clad rims (aka plastic fake chrome).  I fell in love with the Fuel Assault rims.  These are Fuel Assault 20x9 rims with +20mm offset.  $1200 shipped to my door from Toronto Ontario.  Retail for $420 a piece locally.
Fuel Assault D546

Another pic of the Fuel Assaults installed.

That's it for now.  I am really liking the looks and mods I have done to my truck :-)