Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awesome Picture - Kitty Sniper!!!

I stumbled upon this picture the other day and I think it is HILARIOUS!!!

My wife and I have 2 cats....and their is always other cats in our yard that pee in our bushes....So I am going to train our cats to be snipers just like this little guy!!! They can pick off those other pesky cats that our neighbors let run around outside and pee on whatever lawns and bushes they like!!!!

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Heres another great kitty picture as your daily added bonus for reading my blog :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

What do YOU pick? Sensible vs Ridiculous! The 2011 Festiva vs the 2010 GT500!!

So I heard that Ford was bringing back the Festiva, so I decided to check it out I cant believe I am going to say this....But the Ford Festiva is one hot little mama!!!!!

It looks like Ford has tried to make it appealing to a younger crowd because it definately looks stylish and pimpin'. It is one hot hatch!!

I love the color options too. You can find more details and color options for the 2011 Festiva here

Now I know that I am saying the Focus is hot....and relativly
speaking in the small car market that I could actually afford it truely is.

Now if my bloggin4doughnuts ever takes off and I start bloggin4sportscars then I pick this:
The ULTIMATE Snarly, Surley Beast....The Shelby GT 500

Just look at that snout.....Daddy Like

MMMMM that is one hot A$$ :-)

Motortrend has clocked the 2010 Shelby GT500 with a 0-60mph of 4.3 seconds.
God dam you will get places in a hurry!!!

I personally think that a GT500 is a hell of a performance deal. For $45,437 (that is in Canadian funds) you get one sweet ass sports car!!!!! I would say for your Horsepower per dollar spent has to be near the top deals in the car industry. The Corvette might be up their too....But I personally find the Mustang way hotter!!!!

Ford says : The 2010 GT500 features a 500-horsepower supercharged 5.4-litre 32-valve V8 with a six-speed manual transmission, race-tuned suspension, and four-piston Brembo® brakes, the GT500 packs a heavy dose of pure muscle to back up its aggressive looks.

Jeez, this has turned into quite the plug for Ford....maybe they will stumble upon my blog and pay me....or give me a Shelby :-)

Have a good Monday night everyone...

DEREKS TASK FOR YOU IS - What do pick if you had the choice of a free car which you have to maintain on your own dollar and you are NEVER ALLOWED to sell....and you can NOT drive any other car. Do you pick:

A) The fuel efficient, sensible Ford Festiva
B) The gas suckin, rip snorton, $hit kicken GT500

Leave me a comment and tell me what you pick.

I gotta get comments somehow right :-)

My answer will be in the comments section....But I think everybody knows my answer already.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Fallout 3 - NO downloadable content for PS3 yet, WTF?

So, now that I have beat Fallout 3 I thought, hey, I should check out all this DLC (downloadable content) for it. Turns out that Fallout 3 publisher Bethesda Game Studios HAS put out TONS of downloadable add on content. But it is NOT for PS3.

The expansion packs available for the Xbox360 and for "Games for Windows" are:
1) Operation: Anchorage
2) The Pitt
3) Broken Steel
4) Point Lookout

I was so excited to get these addons which I just naturally assumed were on the PS3.

So I did some research on this, and again it appears that Microsoft is rich and smart. Looks like they paid to have THEIR DLC's out way before Sony will have theirs released. (Originally the DLC was a Xbox 360 and Games for Windows exclusive)

But it appears now that the PS3 will be getting Fallout 3 DLC....Unfortunately I want it NOW and guess what - I cant get it.

PS3 OFFICIALLY today released this on the PS3 Blog that Fallout 3 DLC is behind schedule but it will be released in SEPT 2009......I have to wait till FREEKIN SEPTEMBER 2009???? If I would have faithfully given my money to Bill this would have NEVER happended to me. I know that it is UNCOOL to like M$, and (I know my boss is going to hate this) but when it comes to gaming Sony just cant match M$.....I wish I could support Sony more but M$ ususally has the upper hand.

Congrats Mr. Gates....Well Played!

If you are interested in PS3s "official" statement on Fallout 3 DLC go here

D - Out (and PISSED OFF, BTW)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Blog Look

Well, my wife made me a very nice banner and I changed the look and layout of my blog.
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
No one seemed to like my sweet a$$ green for some reason... LOL
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