Sunday, March 29, 2009

Infinity G35 Coupe or Sedan - They Both Rule!!!

2003 Infinity G35 Sedan with a couple slight mods...

My friend has an Infinity G35 sedan and I gotta say it is one hell of a vehicle!!!

Not only is it an awesome luxury car it is also sporty and fast. It goes like a "ra*ed rabit!!"

I gotta say I love the G35....It is actually a reliable, relatively well priced, FAST, luxury car that is sporty.

The rear wheel drive and 260 hp engine get this thing going 0-60 in under 6 seconds, and it gets you their in style!!!

One word for this car is - H O T !!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stupid Ass IE 8


Well, I have never blogged about this and today it has made me very mad therefore it is time to blog and let out some of my "rage"

Why is IE always a piece of shit, and why do SO MANY PEOPLE use it???

IE8 is nothing but a big ass resource hog that bogs down your machine and takes about 10 seconds to even open up on its inital run.

Why would anyone out their run IE8 when Mozilla Firefox is available completely free and about a zillion times better then Sh*t As* IE?????

For anyone out there that does NOT run Firefox and you are browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer (ver 6, 7, or 8) please do yourself a favor and check out and download the Firefox browser here!!!

I love what Mozilla (that is the maker of Firefox) says on their website:
"Using Internet Explorer is So 2006"

Oh you hit the nail on the head Mozilla!!!!

Now if only the average ever day users would learn about this, they would have a MUCH BETTER Internet Browsing Experience!!!

The Champ is here
And its not going away!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Question re Toronto Maple Leafs

Ok, So maybe my last post on the Toronto Maple Leafs was a little harsh. But the fact of the matter is still that I, Derek K. , hate the Leafs.

My question is why do so many people my age (aka Generation X, I think????) like the Leafs??

What made you guys cheer for them?? Was it the Gilmour days?? What was the attraction to Toronto?? I understand that you wanted to cheer for a Canadian team but why not the Oilers with Gretz, or the Flames with Fleury and Macinnis (spelling), or the Habs with Roy, Richer, Recchi????

What is the deal with young people liking the Leafs???

Someone please tell me the attraction with them???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Blog Background

Deanne found me a nice new background for my blog.
Its my sports theme...
In relation to that here are my favorite players

NFL - Randy Moss
Hockey - Alexander Ovechkin
NBA - Steve Nash/Lebron James/A.I.
Baseball - Jose Reyes/BJ Upton

PS - Just a side note on Hockey...Toronto SUX and is the wost team in sports (probably because everyone loves the stinky leafs) and speaking of Leafs, EX-Leaf Mats Sundin is my personal enemy...cant stand the overrated bum!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

CCRA's Telefile Review

Do I recommend CCRA's Telefile?
The short answer - HEL$ NO!!!

Let me start by saying it is crap. There!

So this year I decide to do my and my wifes Income Tax returns the old school pen and form method. Finished it all up last night (Whoo Hooo - Refund Time!)
I was reading on CCRA's website (SEE HERE) that they have a Telefile service that allows you to phone in your tax return. They talk it up saying how easy it is and simple to correct mistakes yada yada.

Ok so I phone the #, enter my SIN# and Access Code. Get a message - We are sorry you can not Telefile...Then they tell me to phone CCRA Customer Service. Well what the hell....Its Thurs night, nothing on TV, might as well waste my time talking to some CCRA rep. Phoned them...The guy was very helpful...He told me that they have tons of problems with the Telefile access codes not working.....ummm ok great start....can you fix it at least?? Oh sure he says....Long story short 15 minutes later Telefile is now supposed to work for me....Excellent 30 minutes later I am now at square one again.

Phone Telefile back and now I can file - Yippiee (ya right!). Please enter every f'in box code off every f'in Schedule.....Lets just say that I got 20 minutes into the Telefile call (honestly it was 20 minutes) and by this time I finished the Federal Schedule and was onto the Provincial Schedule...Then I screwed up an amount in the 342nd question they asked me and guess what - I went to far ahead to reverse this mix up!!! God Dammit - I typed in about 30,000 keys in 20 minutes and I make one simple mistake and I am Fuc#ed??? Are you kidding me??? Guess what my option is? Hang up, phone back, start from Square One.

The Teleservice is a real piece of work!!!! Long story short - got my stamps ready and off in the mail the forms go....Isnt this how you had to do it in 1920!!!
Thanks for wasting an hour of my time with your crappy free services CCRA - Do I get a tax credit for this???

PS - I am fully aware that I could use Quicktax and Netfile....But maybe CCRA could upgrade their FREE options. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change. Good luck....maybe by 2031's Tax Return I will get my wish (I should be Prime Minister by then so I can pass some laws!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009



I own both the PS3 and the XBOX 360 and alot of people ask me which one I like better and which I would recommend they purchase.
I always recommend the XBOX 360 because that is my personal preference....But I do have many reasons why!

1) Xbox 360 Achievements are WAY better then PS3 Trophies....Trophies are specific to the PS3 Machine whereas 360 Achievements are specific to the PLAYER......
EG. If your buddy comes over and plays on your PS3 and raps a game those trophies all show that you got them - but you did NOTHING!!!! Xbox stores the Acheivments in a user profile

2) Xbox 360 controllers charge while the system is OFF. I find that very nice!!!

3) Xbox 360 has a much bigger games library

4) Xbox has WAY WAY WAY faster download speeds when downloading Demos off the their Marketplace as opposed to the craptacularly SLOW PS3 downloads on the PS Store

5) After downloading a demo on the 360 you can then IMMEDIATELY play it. On the PS3 after it took you an hour to download the demo now guess what you get to wait another 3 annoynig as HE*L minutes for it to install. Are you kidding me???? Can they not come up with a better way to download and install at the same time???

Now don't get me wrong - the PS3 is a really good system too. It has SUPERIOR hardware to the 360 but somehow the games are not any better looking then the 360....Time may change this. Killzone 2 is the latest PS3 exclusive and it DOES actually appear to be PS3's first truely killer app....finally....

PS3 also has a built in BlueRay player...Great is you have a 1080p resolution TV....If you dont then consider it useless unless you plan to upgrade to 1080p tv technology.

I know many many people disagree with me on this and I would love to see your comments!!!!

The Winner by a large margin is:
THE XBOX 360!!!!

PS - Xbox 360 RULEZ!!! Thats right, I said it!