Monday, August 31, 2009

Miffed at my local Mercedes Benz SERVICE department

You know, I gotta say I am a little bit miffed at my local Mercedes Benz dealer....

I had to go their a few weeks ago to order a touch up paint pen for my and my wifes Benz.....I was off work that day so I was dressed casually....Their were 4 salesman in their swanky suits and not one of them made eye contact with me or tried to help me......Yes I am younger and yes I am in shorts and a tee shirt, but I am a customer and I expected to be treated like one.

I am not saying they purposely avoided me based on how I look (although I think that is EXACTLY what happened)....Maybe they treat all their customers that way. But I am sure if I was a 50 year old doctor who came strolling in dressed in a suit I have a feeling I would have been treated a little bit differently.

Anyway I had to go find someone to talk to me, once I did they directed me over to the Service Dept to take my order for my paint pen. I gave them my VIN# and they ordered the paint pen from the factory for me. They told me that it would be in in approx 1 week but THEY WILL PHONE ME WHEN IT ARRIVES.

It is now 3.5 weeks later, and guess call

I dont know if they have the paint pen or not, because I have been busy and I havn't phoned THEM.
But that doesnt change the fact of their TERRIBLE customer service.....If you tell me you are going to phone me, then that is what I expect.

The Benz that we own was $60,000 new....We paid a FRACTION of that used, but THEY do NOT know that.

If I spend $60,000 on something, I dont think it is unreasonable to be:
1) Treated with respect from the salesman - eg them asking "Could I help you" would be a good start, INSTEAD OF AVOIDING the young guy who looks like a bum in his shorts and t-shirt and sandles
2) If you tell me you are going to phone me.....Please phone me

It blows my mind that is how you get treated from one of the most respected and expensive automobile dealers in the world.

I guess maybe ALL auto service dealers SUCK regardless of how much you spend on the vehicle...


I should send my Mom and Dad in and see if they get treated better then me :-)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Lookin' Kia (???)

Generally speaking I hate Kia. My Wife and I owned a 2001 Kia Rio and it was the biggest piece of crapolla I have ever drivin. But Kia has come along way in the last 7 years and they are producing some good looking cars.

This is the Kia Forte Koup (how cool is that to spell Coupe with a "K"!!!)

It almost reminds me of an Infinity G35.....EXCEPT this is a Krappy Kia (That's Crappy with a "K") and it is not a Swank Infinity!!!

Good for you Kia for trying to fancy up your cars, they still suck, but at least they look better!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

My favorite NFL Players

With the 2009-2010 NFL season coming up shortly I am getting very excited, and I have decided to write about my Top 3 Favorite NFL Players.
I don't think any of my followers will be too surprised by my #1 pick....LOL

#1 - Randy Moss (New England Patriots)
Randy has been my favorite player in the NFL since he broke into the league. He is one of the most entertaining players to watch and is flashy and flamboyant. One of my favorite things about Moss is you never know when he is going to go deep and catch a 40 yard bomb from Brady and take it to the house!! In my opinion, their is no player in the NFL that is more of a deep threat then Randy Moss. He is a game changer, and that is what I love about him!!!!! Go Patriots!!! Hopefully Moss will get his first Super Bowl title this year!!!

#2 - Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)
I have been watching Fitzgerald closely since he broke into the league as well. I think of Fitzgerald as a younger Randy Moss. Except Fitzgerald is a CLASS ACT (unlike Moss's bad boy reputation). Fitzgerald is a heck of a player and he is a COMPLETE player. He will take short passes over the middle, or you can toss him the deep ball in double coverage and he is still able to come down with it. He has excellent body control and knows how to shield defenders with his body. It would be nice to see Arizona get a good young quarterback, because I am not sure how much longer Warner can throw the deep ball to Fitzgerald....Isn't Warner like 60 years old now??? At least he doesn't retire year after year and then come back - hey Brett??? (that's another story!)

#3 - Ladainian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers)
L.T is simply awesome. He is a great running back and I consider him the best running back in the NFL. He hits the holes with speed, he can go up the middle, or he can bust a run outside. He is a great combination of power and speed. He is also a HUGE threat to catch a ball out of the backfield. At any minute in a game he can take the ball to the house. He is SO FUN to watch!!! I love his touchdown celebrations, and the tinted visor makes him look even cooler :-)

That's my Top 3 Favorite players in the NFL.

Visit WaiverWire for awesome in depth coverage on all YOUR favorite NFL Players. WaiverWire has tons of stats, analysis, and all the other good stuff you can think about on your favorite teams and players in the NFL. Check them out!!



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Favre Part 2

Does this look like someone you want to have quarterbacking your team, running around the field, and worth 24 million over 2 seasons?


Does it look like an OLD MAN waiting for a his new hip to arrive and a knee replacement?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey Brett - You are a MORON!!

Brett Favre USED to be a legend. Now he is a pitiful JOKE!!!

He retired from the NFL when he was a legend with the Green Bay packers. He swore he was done. Then he signed with the New York Jets and came out of retirement. He had played his whole career with the Pack, then he un-retires and signs with the Jets. That was bad enough. But he wasn't done yet. He played all of last year with the Jets...he then retires AGAIN (that is retirement #2)....again he swears this is it, I will NOT be coming back to the NFL.....

Now, what do you know, this morning Brett the OLD MAN WASHED UP MORON has signed a 2 year deal with the Vikings? Brett - what the he77 is wrong with you? Do you realize you have went from a LEGEND to a LAUGHING STOCK??? You are like 90 years old and need a walker....its time to RETIRE and MEAN IT.....
PS - You suck too!!!



Veteran quarterback Favre comes back with Minnesota Vikings
Brett Favre unretired again and will be wearing purple this time. Chew on that, cheeseheads. Pulling an about-face on his playing status for the second straight summer, the three-time MVP quarterback will suit up for his old rival Minnesota starting with Friday's pre-season game at the Metrodome. The goal: help the Vikings win that elusive first Super Bowl. Full Story

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oblivion - FIRST or SECOND best game EVER!!

Well I gotta say - I am now completely hooked on Oblivion. I owned it about 4 years ago when it originally came out on the Xbox 360. I tried to get into it, but I guess I just didnt have the patience to try understand everything. But 4 years later my patience must be a lot better because I am loving games like this!!!

Oblivion is very very much like Fallout 3. The only difference is Oblivion reminds me of the olden times because you use swords and can ride around on horses, etc. Oblivion is such a nice change as far as the graphics go too. Fallout 3s setting takes place after a nuclear blast so the world is all gray and washed out with no living things (eg plants, etc). Oblivion is the exact opposite of that, with Deer running around in the forest grazing, with plants and rivers everywhere....The graphics are actually amazing considering the game is 4 years old.

I cant say enough about the depth of game play in Oblivion...It actually makes Fallout 3 look small and simple in comparison....and that is a HUGE achievement.

If you have never played Oblivion, I recommend you pick it up. You can buy it new for $29.99, but you can find it used for a lot cheaper.

PS - I got the GOTY (Game of the Year Edition) which includes the Shivering Isles expansion pack for I believe $19.99 (??)

That is one He77 of a game for $20!!!!
I am about 8 hours in and I am about 1% done the game!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Xbox 360 Update

From the Xbox 360 Users

So Microsoft put out an update to the Xbox 360 dashboard and marketplace on Aug 11th. This update added some new features and abilities, for a full list go here

The funniest thing I found about the update is that now in the Xbox Marketplace you can dress up your Avator (Character) in BRAND NAME clothing. I thought that was a very very cool thing, until I realized that it costs $2 for a shirt. I am not talking about $2 fake virtual dollars here, I am talking about $2 of REAL MONEY. It is a really cool idea, but I wish it was free.....or I wish that you could somehow earn points or credits by playing games and use those points/credits to buy this cool SWAG.

But - In typical Microsoft fashion nothing is for free....Billy needs his money!!!


Macaroni and Soy Sauce - mmmmm!!!!

My wife was giving me a hard time yesterday for eating macaroni and soy sauce. She tells me I am crazy and no one in the world does that. I found that very hard to believe cause it is so damn tasty.....So just to prove her wrong (cause that's the kinda guy I am....tending to always want to be right) I did a google search.

And I did find a recipe....I think she should have to eat it now...LOL

Its called "Fried Macaroni in a Wok" (fancy name, right?)

  • 2-3 servings Macaroni

  • 4 cloves garlic, minced

  • 3 Tb of Soy sauce

  • Egg

  • Wok

  • Salt and pepper to taste

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cricut is kinda cool :-)

Well, I never thought the day would come that I would post about scrapbooking, but here it is!!!!
Deanne has been trying to figure out between these "die cutting machines" which one she wanted to get. After long and hard debate she has figured out to get the Cricut.

The reason I kinda got into it is because these things are pretty darn cool (as far as cool and scrapbooking goes anyway). They are like little mini computers that cut shapes based on cartridges you put in the machine. You can basically just program this little gadget to cut out a bunch of words/lettters/symbols and walk away and let it do its thing!!! Its pretty nifty stuff actually.

You can even get software for the cricket called SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) that you install on your desktop/laptop, and then you connect your Cricket to your computer/laptop and you can cut any TTF (True Type Fonts) that are installed on your computer.

I gotta say that is a pretty cool little gadget!!!

Yes I know, I know WAY too much about scrapbooking :-)

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy NFL Contract!!

Eli Manning (Paytons little brother) is now the HIGHEST PAID PLAYER in the NFL?????? I can honestly think of at least 15 players that are better and worth MORE then the up and down yo-yo that Eli Manning is. Example Tom Brady, Payton Manning, L.T., Larry Fitzgerald, etc, etc

Giants, Eli Manning agree to six years, US$97-million deal
Eli Manning has agreed to a new US$97-million, six-year contract extension with the New York Giants that will make him the highest paid player in the NFL with an average salary of roughly $15.3 million. Full Story

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stupid Movie!!!!

So my wife and I watched Knowing the other night. I watched the trailer before hand and thought that it looked cool and good!!!! Nicolas Cage is pretty good, and its about numbers...and it looks kinda like a mystery...sounds good - lets rent it!

Dereks review - If I wanted to see aliens and spaceships I would have rented f'in Star Trek!!!!

It could have been a cool kinda mystery movie, but somehow they made it "supposed to be scary/sc-fi"??? What the he77 is that about!!!!

If you like sci-fi (which I DON'T) then sure, it is worth renting.....If you hate sci-fi movies (yip thats me) then dont waste your time with Knowing.....cause it BLOWS!!!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition

Well, after Bethesda Studios absolutley blew my mind with Fallout 3, I decided I should try another one of their very well known games.

I just purchased Oblivion - GOTY Edition. The GOTY Edition contains the Shivering Isles expansion pack and also the Knights of the Nine expansion pack.

Obilivion - GOTY Edition has a total of OVER 250 HOURS worth of gameplay!!!!!!!!! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!

I actually picked it up used for $19.99 so that is one sweet deal for that much gameplay!!!

So, how do I like it you ask?

I was never really a big fan of this action/adventure type of gameplay. But ever since playing Fallout 3 I think that has changed. I was only able to play Obivion for about 2 hours this weekend, but I am already getting into it!!!!

Once I am a solid 10 or 15 hours into Oblivion I will give a more detailed review :-)