Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition

Well, after Bethesda Studios absolutley blew my mind with Fallout 3, I decided I should try another one of their very well known games.

I just purchased Oblivion - GOTY Edition. The GOTY Edition contains the Shivering Isles expansion pack and also the Knights of the Nine expansion pack.

Obilivion - GOTY Edition has a total of OVER 250 HOURS worth of gameplay!!!!!!!!! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!

I actually picked it up used for $19.99 so that is one sweet deal for that much gameplay!!!

So, how do I like it you ask?

I was never really a big fan of this action/adventure type of gameplay. But ever since playing Fallout 3 I think that has changed. I was only able to play Obivion for about 2 hours this weekend, but I am already getting into it!!!!

Once I am a solid 10 or 15 hours into Oblivion I will give a more detailed review :-)


Deanne said...

Should be hours of fun for you!!!!

Jen said...

What platform did you get it on?

Anonymous said...

Lynne said: Have an awesome time playing! Keep us posted on your progress, and if it's the kind of game that gets you hooked, like reading a good book that you just can't put down.

Derek K. said...

Got is on the only GOOD system :-) (Xbox360) LOL