Monday, August 24, 2009

My favorite NFL Players

With the 2009-2010 NFL season coming up shortly I am getting very excited, and I have decided to write about my Top 3 Favorite NFL Players.
I don't think any of my followers will be too surprised by my #1 pick....LOL

#1 - Randy Moss (New England Patriots)
Randy has been my favorite player in the NFL since he broke into the league. He is one of the most entertaining players to watch and is flashy and flamboyant. One of my favorite things about Moss is you never know when he is going to go deep and catch a 40 yard bomb from Brady and take it to the house!! In my opinion, their is no player in the NFL that is more of a deep threat then Randy Moss. He is a game changer, and that is what I love about him!!!!! Go Patriots!!! Hopefully Moss will get his first Super Bowl title this year!!!

#2 - Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)
I have been watching Fitzgerald closely since he broke into the league as well. I think of Fitzgerald as a younger Randy Moss. Except Fitzgerald is a CLASS ACT (unlike Moss's bad boy reputation). Fitzgerald is a heck of a player and he is a COMPLETE player. He will take short passes over the middle, or you can toss him the deep ball in double coverage and he is still able to come down with it. He has excellent body control and knows how to shield defenders with his body. It would be nice to see Arizona get a good young quarterback, because I am not sure how much longer Warner can throw the deep ball to Fitzgerald....Isn't Warner like 60 years old now??? At least he doesn't retire year after year and then come back - hey Brett??? (that's another story!)

#3 - Ladainian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers)
L.T is simply awesome. He is a great running back and I consider him the best running back in the NFL. He hits the holes with speed, he can go up the middle, or he can bust a run outside. He is a great combination of power and speed. He is also a HUGE threat to catch a ball out of the backfield. At any minute in a game he can take the ball to the house. He is SO FUN to watch!!! I love his touchdown celebrations, and the tinted visor makes him look even cooler :-)

That's my Top 3 Favorite players in the NFL.

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Deanne K said...

You must getting pretty excited with the upcoming season!! It's almost here!

Mom said...

Wow, your description of your favorite players, is fantastic. I know nothing about your #2 and #3 picks, but you captivated my interest, and had me enthralled. You'd make an excellent sportscaster and sportswriter.

Jen said...

No comment.