Monday, August 31, 2009

Miffed at my local Mercedes Benz SERVICE department

You know, I gotta say I am a little bit miffed at my local Mercedes Benz dealer....

I had to go their a few weeks ago to order a touch up paint pen for my and my wifes Benz.....I was off work that day so I was dressed casually....Their were 4 salesman in their swanky suits and not one of them made eye contact with me or tried to help me......Yes I am younger and yes I am in shorts and a tee shirt, but I am a customer and I expected to be treated like one.

I am not saying they purposely avoided me based on how I look (although I think that is EXACTLY what happened)....Maybe they treat all their customers that way. But I am sure if I was a 50 year old doctor who came strolling in dressed in a suit I have a feeling I would have been treated a little bit differently.

Anyway I had to go find someone to talk to me, once I did they directed me over to the Service Dept to take my order for my paint pen. I gave them my VIN# and they ordered the paint pen from the factory for me. They told me that it would be in in approx 1 week but THEY WILL PHONE ME WHEN IT ARRIVES.

It is now 3.5 weeks later, and guess call

I dont know if they have the paint pen or not, because I have been busy and I havn't phoned THEM.
But that doesnt change the fact of their TERRIBLE customer service.....If you tell me you are going to phone me, then that is what I expect.

The Benz that we own was $60,000 new....We paid a FRACTION of that used, but THEY do NOT know that.

If I spend $60,000 on something, I dont think it is unreasonable to be:
1) Treated with respect from the salesman - eg them asking "Could I help you" would be a good start, INSTEAD OF AVOIDING the young guy who looks like a bum in his shorts and t-shirt and sandles
2) If you tell me you are going to phone me.....Please phone me

It blows my mind that is how you get treated from one of the most respected and expensive automobile dealers in the world.

I guess maybe ALL auto service dealers SUCK regardless of how much you spend on the vehicle...


I should send my Mom and Dad in and see if they get treated better then me :-)



Deanne K said...

Stupid dealerships. They are all meanies!

Lynne said...

Well Derek, I would be totally pissed also from your experience, and I agree with you 100%. I want to provide exceptional customer service daily, but my supervisor and manager don't want any part of it, and they punish me for it. But what goes around comes around, and I hope it bites them in the ass some day. Shame on Mercedes Benz! Whether a person spends $1 or $100,000, each one of them deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, mannerism and fairness. I'd be very interested to see how the Benz dealership would treat Dad and I, just like you mentioned. So far they've proven not to be worth our time and effort though. Dam retail!

Jen said...

Merlin Ford is no better. And we've spent around $75,000 there in between the two vehicles. Plus we get our oil changes and stuff done there so that's another $100 every two months. They never call, we always have to hunt down our parts. There is never more then one person working the service department, which is absolutely ridiculous! I miss Volkswagen :o( They knew your name and everything there. You never know how good you've got it till it's gone I guess.