Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Blog Background

Deanne found me a nice new background for my blog.
Its my sports theme...
In relation to that here are my favorite players

NFL - Randy Moss
Hockey - Alexander Ovechkin
NBA - Steve Nash/Lebron James/A.I.
Baseball - Jose Reyes/BJ Upton

PS - Just a side note on Hockey...Toronto SUX and is the wost team in sports (probably because everyone loves the stinky leafs) and speaking of Leafs, EX-Leaf Mats Sundin is my personal enemy...cant stand the overrated bum!!!


Deanne said...

Too bad you couldn't like a team instead of an actual player. Would make buying you things much easier (ie: what happens when Moss leaves the Patriots, then what will you do with your Patriots sweater, hmmmmmm?)

Anonymous said...

Mom/Lynne said: Hey Derek, don't part with your NFL, NHL and NBA memorabilia, because they will be collector's items some day. And when you can't get rich blogging, there might be a few dollars to be had this way.

Anonymous said...

It's your mom/Lynne again: Hi Derek; What's with these word verifications that I have to complete? Some of them are hard, but I must be passing the test, as my comments are being posted. Yippeee!!!! This is fun.