Thursday, March 5, 2009



I own both the PS3 and the XBOX 360 and alot of people ask me which one I like better and which I would recommend they purchase.
I always recommend the XBOX 360 because that is my personal preference....But I do have many reasons why!

1) Xbox 360 Achievements are WAY better then PS3 Trophies....Trophies are specific to the PS3 Machine whereas 360 Achievements are specific to the PLAYER......
EG. If your buddy comes over and plays on your PS3 and raps a game those trophies all show that you got them - but you did NOTHING!!!! Xbox stores the Acheivments in a user profile

2) Xbox 360 controllers charge while the system is OFF. I find that very nice!!!

3) Xbox 360 has a much bigger games library

4) Xbox has WAY WAY WAY faster download speeds when downloading Demos off the their Marketplace as opposed to the craptacularly SLOW PS3 downloads on the PS Store

5) After downloading a demo on the 360 you can then IMMEDIATELY play it. On the PS3 after it took you an hour to download the demo now guess what you get to wait another 3 annoynig as HE*L minutes for it to install. Are you kidding me???? Can they not come up with a better way to download and install at the same time???

Now don't get me wrong - the PS3 is a really good system too. It has SUPERIOR hardware to the 360 but somehow the games are not any better looking then the 360....Time may change this. Killzone 2 is the latest PS3 exclusive and it DOES actually appear to be PS3's first truely killer app....finally....

PS3 also has a built in BlueRay player...Great is you have a 1080p resolution TV....If you dont then consider it useless unless you plan to upgrade to 1080p tv technology.

I know many many people disagree with me on this and I would love to see your comments!!!!

The Winner by a large margin is:
THE XBOX 360!!!!

PS - Xbox 360 RULEZ!!! Thats right, I said it!


Jen said...

PS3 has way more harddrive space though so I don't even have to go to the store to buy a game, I can just download it (yes, overnight, because I know the download is slow, especially in the middle of nowhere!) and then play it. Yeah! No line-ups in the store. The reason PS3 games don't look any better is because companies make the games just good enough for the xbox360 and then just port them over to the PS3 without making any improvements. Yeah, I own the PS3, and it totally ROCKS!!!

Deanne said...

Hmmm... I like the Xbox better :D

(And don't you mean "a lot")

Derek K. said...

Nope - pretty sure the correct spelling is "alot". As in "I write alot of great english sentences"!!!