Friday, March 27, 2009

Stupid Ass IE 8


Well, I have never blogged about this and today it has made me very mad therefore it is time to blog and let out some of my "rage"

Why is IE always a piece of shit, and why do SO MANY PEOPLE use it???

IE8 is nothing but a big ass resource hog that bogs down your machine and takes about 10 seconds to even open up on its inital run.

Why would anyone out their run IE8 when Mozilla Firefox is available completely free and about a zillion times better then Sh*t As* IE?????

For anyone out there that does NOT run Firefox and you are browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer (ver 6, 7, or 8) please do yourself a favor and check out and download the Firefox browser here!!!

I love what Mozilla (that is the maker of Firefox) says on their website:
"Using Internet Explorer is So 2006"

Oh you hit the nail on the head Mozilla!!!!

Now if only the average ever day users would learn about this, they would have a MUCH BETTER Internet Browsing Experience!!!

The Champ is here
And its not going away!!!

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Deanne said...

Yeah Firefox!!!!!!!!!