Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Question re Toronto Maple Leafs

Ok, So maybe my last post on the Toronto Maple Leafs was a little harsh. But the fact of the matter is still that I, Derek K. , hate the Leafs.

My question is why do so many people my age (aka Generation X, I think????) like the Leafs??

What made you guys cheer for them?? Was it the Gilmour days?? What was the attraction to Toronto?? I understand that you wanted to cheer for a Canadian team but why not the Oilers with Gretz, or the Flames with Fleury and Macinnis (spelling), or the Habs with Roy, Richer, Recchi????

What is the deal with young people liking the Leafs???

Someone please tell me the attraction with them???


Deanne said...

I don't have the answer to your question. I used to follow the Flames back in the day :)

Jen said...

Blue is my favorite color! :o)

Anonymous said...

Mom/Lynne said: Well I used to watch the Leafs in my day, along with the Oilers and Penguins(Mario Lemieux) - there must be a generation gap. But now I'm an Ovechkin fan all the way. My son Derek is a huge influence on my faves. Gretsky was my favorite player back in the day, along with goalie Billy Ranford, of the Oilers. But since Gretsky started coaching, I haven't followed his career with any interest. Currently, it's Washington Capitals all the way for me. Congrats to Alexander on his 50th NHL goal this season!!!!