Sunday, April 1, 2012

More pics of the 1974 Olds Omega from "Day 1"

Wanted to share a few more pictures of the 1974 Olds Omega in the condition that I bought it.

That is a nice looking engine!!! The body, not so much :-)


Lynne said...

It definitely has some awesome parts. And there will be remarkabke improvement with the rest in time.

Jeremy said...

Hey bid, I picked up a '74 Omega this past November and have been working on it as well. It is almost there... Your post on shared parts between a nova and Omega has been incredibly helpful. Thanks for taking the time to publish it. I do have a quick question for you though. in the pic you show of the light switch and wiper control, what is that electric switch to the right of them? I do not have it in mine. Thanks,