Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am a Business Owner :-)

Well it has been QUITE some time since my last post. Not too much news, just busy with work and running my part time Accounting/Bookkeeping business. Thats right I said business :-)

The big news is that I am now a recognized, registered Business :-)

This is pretty exciting news for me, and basically I have just done it for tax purposes only. Their are alot of benefits to registering as a business IF you are comfortable with putting the work in to track all your expenses and do everything PROPERLY and ACCURATELY and keep all your records/logs. Since I am very detail oriented and love numbers, that is actually FUN for me, believe it or not.

Anyway that is my big news.

Hope my loyal 6 followers are doing good!!!!

**Scheduled Post for 12:00pm Thurday**


Jen said...

I just about un-followed it's been so long since your last post! Ha, I should talk :o) Congrats on the business! So, wanna do my taxes??

Penny said...


Deanne @ Three Trees said...

I am doing well thank you - and congrats. Soon you will have many employees :)

Anonymous said...

Groovy! Way to go! Julia

Lynne said...

Awesome news, Derek! Congrats! This is right up your alley, and you'll excel at it. :) :) :)