Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What the He77 is wrong with Brady?

Wow, it has been so long since I blogged!!! Sorry to my legions of faithful followers LOL!!!

So my standard Sunday consists of watching at least ONE NFL game and I usually get the Patriots (my favorite team) game every Sunday.

So anyone who follows the NFL knows that Tom Brady is back. After watching Brady play last Monday and this Sunday he may be back....but he freekin sux!! What the he77....What happened from the superstar Brady from 2007???

The last 2 weeks Brady has missed open receivers and just generally made bad decisions and played poorly.

And what is the New England offensive coordinator doing? They have Randy Moss, one of the best wide outs in the game, and last Sunday they did NOT throw ONE deep ball to Moss. What is up with that? Take some damn chances and let Moss try to make a big play....that is why you signed him....and that is what makes him a top notch wide receiver?

I just cant understand why New England is being SO CONSERVATIVE with their Offense? Do they not trust Brady any more? Or do they know he Sux?

What the HE77 is up in New England? What ever it is I DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!

PS - New England LOST that game I am complaining about....and they LOST to the JETS....ARE YOU KIDDING? The Jets BLOW!!! How did that happen?

If New England doesnt start opening up the offencive playbook, I am going to boycott watching them and start watching my second favorite team (the Bengals) with Chad Ochocinco (he was born Chad Johnson, but he changed his last name to be "Ochocinco" which means "85" which is his jersey number)....And he wears a "grille" cool is that :-)

Here the the super bad a$$ Ochocinco....I wonder if my boss would let me wear a grill to work...LOL... :-) Now that would be a sight....A little white dude with a grille :-)


Lynne said...

Derek, you have a phenomenal way of making stats so interesting to read, and your opinions are hilarious. I love checking out your blog. So glad you're back. Have a great week, and enjoy the scorching temps!!!

Deanne K said...

He just needs to warm up.

Chad "85" aint looking so hot in that photo - not sure you want to look like him.

Jen said...

If you started wearing a grille to work I would punch you in the face. GO GIANTS!