Friday, June 12, 2009


Just an FYI - I have been playing Fallout 3 on the weekends and in my spare time and I have to say this is the BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED ON ANY CONSOLE!!!!!!!!

Honestly, this even puts GTA4 to shame which is a HUGE compliment to Fallout 3 and to Berthuda Studios (Developer). This game is a truely amazing in depth shooter/role playing game that is so wide open and so immersing.

It is so good that even my wife has her own game going under her own profile and she LOVES it too.....That shows you how good of a game it is because it is full of shooting and blood and gore which generally doesnt interest Deanne (not nearly as much as me anyway!) but even she is HOOKED.

Congrats to Berthuda Studios for putting out a piece of software that is ACTUALLY WORTH the price of the game. Most games these days I can not justify that I paid $60 for it and at the end of the game I am like "really, thats it?" but Fallout 3 is SIMPLY AMAZING!!!


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Anonymous said...

Bethesda? haha berthuda....