Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 37 and still going strong!! :-)

Well, I am finally blogging again....I meant to for the last few days but I have been sick and feeling like garbage....
I just wanted to share that I am on day 37 and still cigerette free. Yes I have had about 4 cigars with one of my buddies who, he and I enjoy the occasional one together.
But the great news is that I am still cig free.
And the even better news is that I am doing it ALL BY MYSELF...I am NOT taking any Zyban, I am NOT on Nicoderm patches and I am NOT chewing Nicorrette.
Anyone that knows me knows that is a huge accomplishment for me to get to this step.
It is so silly that this is this hard for me, but I guess that is because it is an addiction, right?
Anyway just thought I would share the great news.
And I am starting to feel better so I might even venture off the bed/couch today....Thats another treat :-)


Deanne said...

Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...