Saturday, May 16, 2009

One of the best deals of my adult life???

Well I have been scouting around for quite some time for a deal, and let me tell ya I finally found an AWESOME one!!!

My wife and I just bought a second vehicle....oh and by the way, its a BENZ :-)

We picked up an ABSOLUTE MINT 1999 Mercedes Benz ML430

It is such a silky smooth ride and powerful V8 and a great 4 wheel drive vehicle. It is absolutley loaded up too (heated leather seats, etc etc etc)

My wife and I are in love with it....the funny and amazing part is that it was MUCH MUCH MUCH less then what we paid for a Honda Civic... And brand new in 1999 it was over $60,000!!!

That is CRAZYNESS!!!!

Here are a couple pics.....My wife tells me that Benz owners are supposed to be classy and not show off....but unfortunately that just aint me :-) Sorry Muffin Top :-) LOL

Enjoy the pics.....Hopefully my wife doesnt read my blog anymore :-)

Sweet lookin exterior....

Engine that looks BRAND NEW....I am pretty sure some little old man must have ownded this and babied it cause it is MINT!!

Mercedes original brochure:

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Deanne said...

Yeppers - she's a beauty!